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Determining area rug cleaning prices can be a difficult thing to do. This is because area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. If you are in need of cleaning your rug you should make sure to see a professional as trying to do it yourself could potentially cause damage to your expensive rug. You do not have to have the most expensive, exotic, or some ridiculous imported rug to be able to benefit from rug cleaning services. But, just how much it will cost depends on a number of factors.

Area rug cleaning prices – Is Free Delivery Available?

Many companies used to offer free pick-up and delivery for rug cleaning. As gas prices have risen the willingness for companies to use their own gas has steadily declines. This means it may not be possible to get the free pick-up or delivery of yesteryear, but that does not mean that you have to pay a large area rug cleaning prices. So, more and more free delivery is no longer becoming an option. This does not mean area rug cleaning prices have risen, just that you may have to transport it to the cleaning company yourself. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because when you look into area rug cleaning prices the free pick-up did have a lot of stipulations about rug size and a minimum cost in many cases.

Area rug cleaning prices – What should I expect?

What you can expect in many cases is to pay area rug cleaning prices by the foot. Being wary of area rug cleaning prices should not prevent you from getting a rug cleaned as soon as it is stained. Some rugs can cost as much as 2 dollars a foot to get cleaned. Calculating the square footage of any area rug is easy. If an area rug is going to cost you 2 dollars a foot and it is 4 foot by 4 foot then you would have 16 feet that need cleaned; therefore, it would cost you 32 dollars to have a rug of that size cleaned if that were the price estimated by the cleaning company. Being knowledgeable a great way to save money, especially with area rug cleaning prices.

Don’t wait to get your rug cleaned

If you wait you will end up having to deal with a stain and more than likely having to pay for a deeper clean than if you did not hesitate to get your rug cleaned. If you have a spill you should clean it up immediately. If there is a large amount of liquid on a carpet using a towel may end up causing more of a stain by pressing liquid into a carpet, so try to get it off with a spoon or not pressing down. If there is a lot of liquid or the spoon method is impractical be sure to use a white towel, napkin or paper towel. This is advisable because sometimes colors can run and stain carpets. Not all of them do this, but it is a better idea to play it safe and not risk things.

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