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The environment of your room is greatly influenced by the Rugs you have placed. It can make your room stylish and elegant or look like a garage floor. The Rugs can change the appearance of your room and give it a U turn. It plays an important role in enhancing the elegance of your room giving it a supreme finish. Our professional Rugs cleaning team will provide your top class Rugss the top class service they deserve. Our workers have vast experience and they will optimize the cleaning techniques according to the needs of your Rugs.

Fresh Shine and Smell for Ageless Furniture

Our team is highly skilled and knows its job well. They have been provided with the latest tools and materials so that we provide to our customers the best Rugs, rugs and upholstery cleaning facilities available. Our aim is to provide our valued customers 100% satisfaction. We will clean your Rugs to perfection leaving behind not a single stain at all. Your Rugss and furniture will look like a brand new piece. It will regain its shine and appearance which it had lost years back. With our professional Rugs, rug and upholstery cleaning skills, it’s time to bring your Rugss and upholstery furniture back to life.

Westchester Rugs cleaning Provide the Following Services

1. Shampoo cleaning

2. Steam cleaning

3. Pet stain treatment

4. Dry cleaning

6. Fabric Protection treatment

7. Sanitizing and Deodorizing and many other

Spots and Stains Experts at Westchester Rugs Cleaners

All kinds of stains whether they are of paint, cheese, oil, grease, stool or even urine will be effectively removed by over specialized team. We have solutions made for removing stains no matter how difficult they may be. The stains will be removed from the deepest layers of your Rugss and your Rugs will be spotless after washing. Our specialized team will perform color restoration treatment so that the Rugs restores its original color and beauty. The Rugs protection treatment will preserve our efforts and your Rugs will not be damaged by the stains and dirt.

Gives A Living Space An Entirely New Fresh Look!

Pet urine spots and bad smell is another problem which our expert team will solve for you. Your Rugs will be washed with specialized solution which will remove the agents responsible for bad odor from the deepest layers of your Rugs. With special washing technique the pet urine stains will be removed. Your Rugs will look better and smell good.

Ensuring Your Requirements are Achieved

If your Rugs has never been cleaned professionally then you should be confident that your Rugs contains millions of dust particles, allergens and germs deep seated into the layers of the Rugs. When you clean your Rugs with a vacuum in routine, it only sucks dirt from superficial layers and the adherent dirt stays there. It becomes the source of germs in your house and pollutes your environment.. Children roaming on the Rugss the whole day can acquire the infection and become sick. They are more prone owing to their weak immune system. Therefore healthy floor is necessary for healthy living. So give us a call or leave a request and we will reach to rock your floors.

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