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We offer a wide variety of cleaning services utilizing different organic products. Carpet cleaning is the most notable amongst our services, we serve NY, NJ and CT. We try to always use organic products, green products that serve efficiently as carpet cleaners and are also great to the environment. Also when there are children in the household this is the right product to be used. Thus we strive to do the right thing in choosing the best products for any purpose of cleaning. Many wonder what is the most suitable carpet cleaner and the right answer is organic products. Below, you will see all of the different cleaning processes to ensure that you have the best carpet cleaning experience ever. We utilize these carpet cleaning processes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our Steam Process:

This process is for wall to wall carpets that need very basic light cleaning. (no spots spills, or stains). The result is the carpets will be 100% thoroughly cleaned.

Our Shampoo Process:

This process is for wall to wall carpets that need heavier cleaning (minor spots, stains or spills older than six months), we apply this everywhere in NYC.

Our Deep Process:

This process is for wall to wall carpets that have many spots, stains, and spills on it.

Our Ultimate Cleaning:

This process is for wall to wall carpets that have been heavily soiled (stains, spots, spills, vomit, pet odor, food stains, juice spills, wear and tear etc.). Ultimate cleaning is the right process to pursue when it comes to carpet cleaning. We also have special offers to Remove, Reinstall, and Re-lay your wall to wall carpeting. We also provide cutting and seaming as well.

Carpet Cleaning NYC

When you are about to clean your carpet you should consider doing proper research to find the best carpet cleaning in NYC. We provide amazing cleaning services in New York City. Our aim is to use green products that will clean your carpet thoroughly thus saving the environment and protecting your family and your pets. Organic carpet cleaners are the best in industry. Organic way of cleaning is always welcomed by our clients since it is harmless. Before you use a carpet cleaner ask your friends for any recommendations and see if they dealt with companies that are great when it comes to carpet cleaning. In NYC we have over 30 years of experience in cleaning services.

We have a large stock of pads:

Foam Pads, Jutte Pads, Synthetic Pads, Non-Slip Pads and many, many more. At A&B Carpet & Rug Cleaning we believe in Longevity. So the longer we stay in business the longer your precious wall to wall carpets will be a part of your everyday life. Selecting your carpet cleaning company carefully is always a must in order to ensure that your carpets will be cleaned properly.

Completely Safe & Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents Used

We take in each case as if it were our own property. So we handle it with care to ensure you’re satisfied as a new or returning customer. We are a Green company and we only use Safe, Non-toxic, Biodegradable, and Environmentally Safe Cleaning Fluids. A&B Carpet & Rug Cleaning would like to thank you for your loyalty to our company for the last three decades. So to give back to our dedicated customers we would love for every household to view our very informative articles in regards to keeping your home clean and your family healthy. At A&B Carpet &Rug Cleaning we are a family owned business with over two decades of experience in the five Boroughs, Riverdale NY, and the Tri-State areas. We give our utmost attention to our customer’s individual needs and do not associate ourselves with companies of similar names or services in order to build our clientele or make us seem more superior than others.

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