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If you own an area rug and you are looking for cleaning in NY then you have found the right company. The Rug Cleaning process is very important in NY and we strive to provide our best services to our clients. We also serve NYC, NJ and CT. We are experts in area rug cleaning. We take pride in our work and we show dedication and commitment to our clients. Utilizing great products is the key, we always use organic products because they are great rug cleaners and they are harmless in NY. Obviously there exist many different methods when it comes to rug cleaning, however we believe that only methods that have proven to give proper results should be utilized. Many think that they can use anything as a rug cleaning but this is not the case since cleaning rugs requires dedication and high quality service. When it comes to cleaning services we try to do our best when we serve our customers in all areas as well as in NY and NYC. Many people select their carpet cleaning companies using recommendations from friends or relatives however in most cases it isn’t easy to find great area rug cleaners. But since you are on this website you already have found a professional company in NY.

The right method to extend the lifetime value of the beautiful area rug you invested in NYC, is to have it restored. In NY we provide such a service at a very affordable price. To maximize our results we enforce eight inspection steps first and then proceed with six separate area rug cleaning steps to keep your rug looking good as new in NYC, never neglecting the details that other wall to wall carpet cleaners usually miss. Paying attention to details and a thorough inspection of each rug is what makes our company stand out. Prior to starting to work on Area Rug Cleaning in NY, we carefully conduct an inspection to find out which cleaning is the best match to ensure the longevity your carpet. Our experts check the carpet to search for damage caused by pets, moths, water, fire damage and other damages cause by stains, spots or spills also. Our professionals then test the rug in NY prior to starting cleaning it for color fastness and adjust our cleaning process in order to protect your area rug from discoloring. Storing properly freshly cleaned area rugs is also a key to make sure that the cleaned rug will be delivered to the customer as clean as possible.

Area Rug Cleaning NY

Inexperienced area rug cleaners simply just vacuum the face of the rug. Our company uses a specially designed machine that applies micro-agitation to remove dirt, dust and debris. These particles when it comes to cleaning have a negative effect on a rug NYC if they are not removed. Using a regular vacuum to clean a rug certainly is not the way to go.

First-stage Wash

The very next step is to soak the area rug to get rid of soil, dirt, and spotting through water saturation.

Second-stage Wash

Inexperienced area rug cleaners and their water extraction methods well leave your area rug full of soap residue and that will just attract more dirt like a magnet and this happens especially in NYC. Also when soap dries it will practically ruin your rug in the long term. Through the process of cleaning removing the soap from the rug is essential.

Grooming & Drying

Our Company grooms every area rug by setting the pile in the proper direction gently combing the rug and its fringes.

Rug Cleaners NY

Utilizing the best methods and processes in NY for the purpose of cleaning your rug efficiently is highly important. Many of us do not realize that Rug Cleaners need to be selected with care, only by doing so we can ensure a great cleaning process. In NY, NJ and CT we continue to provide great cleaning services, as well as in NYC. We have used these methods for decades and they have proven to be efficient.

Fragrance Scenting

This extra step adds a delicate fragrance to your area rug, which also does sanitize your area rug and it lightly freshens up the room. This adds to the freshness of your rug and will make the entire room smell fresh and clean.

Post-wash Inspection

Final inspection of the rug is enforced after the cleaning and drying process is complete. If there’s a troublesome stain that doesn’t want to come out we will repeat the process again. Removing stains is not an easy process especially if these stains have been in your rug for a while. However through the use of our expertise and methods we have proven to remove most of the stains.

Rug Cleaning NYC

We have very high standards so our inspection process is very thorough when it comes to area rug cleaning. We will repeat any steps necessary to make sure you have the cleanest area rug possible without hesitation. It’s the final touch that means so much. Rug Cleaning is done with proper care and dedication in NYC. The final outcome is always great and we continue to provide a great service to our clients. Serving The Entire Metropolitan Tri-State Area And Beyond as well as in NY. Our Rug Cleaning offices in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Riverdale, New York, New Jersey and the Connecticut are fully licensed and insured so you won’t have to worry about liability.

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