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The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner like the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus is one most powerful and effective carpet cleaning machines you can find on the market today. In this review, we go over how this machine works and could be useful to you. People who have messy carpets in their homes have been going down to grocery and hardware stores to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner for ages. Many who have experienced the effectiveness of it and the pleasure of having their carpets cleaned and refreshed have gone on to purchase their own Rug Doctor machine for repeated use. It’s also easy to use. When I first rented the Rug Doctor, instructions to use it was illustrated with pictures on the back of the machine. It took about 5 minutes to glance through the steps and get started. Just how effective is the Rug Doctor carpet machine? Let’s take a closer look.

Powerful 1.74HP Motor

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus is a powerful machine. It is equipped with a 1.74HP motor. With all of this power, you’ll easily be able to extract even dirt that’s embedded very deeply in your carpet. This powerful suction system will also help to get your carpeting dry more quickly. Cleaning even the largest rooms with this machine shouldn’t take that long as it is. The machine offers a 10.4-inch cleaning path. One of the features that sets the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner apart from other carpet cleaning machines is its vibrating brush. This brush attempts to interact with each fiber in your carpet, trying to remove all dirt embedded deep within it. You’ll notice how fluffy your carpet looks after you’re done.

Large Tanks For Efficient Cleaning

One of the best features of this rug cleaning machine is its set of incredibly large tanks. The clean water tank can hold up to 2.6 gallons of water and cleaning solution at a time. The other tank can store up to 3.1 gallons of dirty water before it needs to be emptied. You definitely won’t have to travel back to your sink very often when using this Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. Things are even better when it comes to the Wide Track version of this machine. The water and solution tank can hold an amazing 3.7 gallons of water before it needs to be refilled. The dirty water tank only needs to be emptied after collecting 4.8 gallons of water.

Various Accessories And Attachments

Most people use carpet cleaner machines to clean their upholstery and stairs too. You can do this with this Rug Doctor model too. You’re provided with a complete upholstery kit that includes a 12-foot hose that helps you clean stairs and tight spaces. You’re also provided with a complete cleaning package with your purchase of this carpet cleaner. There are bottles of solution useful for a range of cleaning tasks. For example, you’re given an odor remover, stain remover, high-traffic treatment, upholstery cleaner, and Oxy-Steam carpet cleaner. If you’ve been rented Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines for a while, then you know how durable they are. The Mighty Pro Plus is no exception with its durable construction. The power cord measures 28 feet long and the machine is backed by an incredible five year warranty.

Rent One Or Buy One

The Rug Doctor is one of the best carpet cleaning machines available for both home or office use. The best part is that if you are unsure, you can rent and try it out before you buy one. You definitely can’t go wrong with the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus since it provides all the features that you can possibly need. Your carpet will definitely appreciate it. You can either rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner about $25 a day or buy the machine for much more outright. If you tired of paying out $25 rental fee each time you need to clean up the dirt and stains on your carpet, you could consider buying the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Plus out right.

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